Success or Failure…that is the question

We’re still in week one and, to be honest, nothing feels different. Perhaps if we weren’t attempting to live “consumer-free,” I would have made a trip to Target and purchased a load of crap in addition to the stuff I really needed, but otherwise, it’s a pretty normal week. With the exception of putting one of our dearly beloved cats to sleep (Maggie, may you rest in peace) and having our air conditioning go out during one of the hottest days of the summer (see “replacement exception” in first post–I had to replace the electrical board of our air conditioning unit once it went out, or I might have resorted to harming one of my children due to extreme heat and grumpiness), I feel no different. During this week I’ve managed to purchase only food, gas, and one dinner out to thank my saint of a sister for taking my children away for the night. So far, so good.

Reasons why I think we may succeed at this experiment of living consumer-free for six months:

I don’t LOVE shopping. I like it, but it’s not a true passion

We don’t have cable television, so our children aren’t exposed to the thousands of toy commercials on channels such as Nickelodeon or Disney

It’s hot and humid in NC right now, so getting in and out of the car with two young children is something I try to do as infrequently as possible

My husband and I have a healthy level of discomfort with debt (including the fair share we’ve already accumulated)

I’m passionate about avoiding waste–I really believe that you shouldn’t have or keep things that you don’t need, use or love

Reasons why we might fail at this experiment of living consumer-free for six months:

My obsession with home magazines (Dwell, Better Homes and Gardens, Real Simple–all making me feel that our home is a hovel and needs an overhaul) and home improvement shows (limited to the occasional airing of This Old House on PBS thanks to no cable)

I’ve been known to do anything to avoid a temper tantrum in the middle of a store–I would purchase my son a miniature Porsche if I had the funds and could avoid his high pitched screams while running errands

My mother and sister are professional consumers and I love to spend time with them (and they both live dangerously close by and can be rather persuasive)

I enjoy entertaining, but I have an irrational fear that I’m constantly being judged by the quality of my home, things, art, furniture, yard–therefore, prior to a party, I’m likely to spend oodles trying to win over friends. I’m sure 3-4 years of therapy could clear that problem right up.


So, we’ll see how we do as we wind up week one. Carter, my husband has been out of town on a business trip all week. I’ll have to sort through his pockets searching for receipts to see if he lived up to his end of the bargain. Oh, and the latest copy of Dwell Magazine came today–I’m sure I’ll get a little weepy while looking at all of those beautiful, perfect, modern homes pictured in it’s pages.

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