Aversion Therapy

I tried a little shopping aversion therapy on myself this weekend. In the same way that a smoker who is trying to quit might sit in an unventilated room and smoke 3 packs, I took myself and my shopping list to a place I despise like no other–Wal-Mart. Nevermind my politics, I truly dislike everything about the superstore. The harsh lighting, the smiley faces winking at you from every oversized sign, the faux hardwood floors that attempt to “warm” the place up, the surly help at the customer service desk. I once went 3 rounds and spent 20 minutes with a customer service associate at Wal-Mart to save $4.00 on a pack of diapers. I vowed never to return. But alas, the desire to succeed at living “consumer-free” got the best of me. I know myself too well–Target is my temptress, my shopping lover, the reason my credit card bill is always about $300 higher than expected. I have to go cold turkey on Target.

So to Wal-Mart I went–needing to purchase 5 items (all necessary “exceptions” like diapers for my son, paper towels, shower gel, etc.). And that’s all I bought! No cute yet unnecessary lamps, no 1/2 priced seasonal beach toys for the kids, no workout clothes I just can’t live without. There was no enjoyment in the experience–I was in and out with the stuff I needed and no extras. Wal-Mart–you were my shopping salvation. Now, I wonder how many more times I’ll have to return in the next 5 months and 3 weeks?

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5 Responses to Aversion Therapy

  1. MojoMom says:

    Hi Perri, Congrats on your new experiment, and good luck! You were wise to choose WalMart over Target. I just found your blog today at the perfect time because it gave me the momentum to write to the Mojo Mom blog. I invited my readers to follow your journey in my latest post, MojoMom: Egg-cellent advertising that’s not all it’s cracked up to be….

  2. Carter Kersh says:

    hey . . .what a great idea. I should try this! Oh wait . . .right . . .I’m included in this cabal already, I see.

    anyway, great entry here . . .so very carrie.

    you know i’m supporting you! you go grrrl.

    p.s. honey, can I buy a new pair of running socks? my old ones are a bit dodgy.

  3. Anton says:

    Perri, I need aversion therapy. I desperately wanted chai this morning (I wrote about a chai recipe on my blog this week) and I stopped into Caribou Coffee. I should have know better. The iced chai I got was milk mixed with a cinnamon-strong syrup. That’s it. Probably no tea in it, and now I feel sick. One more good reason to go consumer free!

  4. Anita says:

    Perri, Your hubby sent me the link to check “Enough is Enough” out and now I’m hooked. I’m going to be checking back frequently to see how one might actually go 6 months without buying needless things. Inspiring!

    I also just hired a professional organizer a few weeks ago and found it to be a great experience…turning my office and house into “Sleeping with the Enemy”.

    Good luck!

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