Fantasy Shopper

Reading back over my first three posts, I must confess that I misrepresented myself when I said I don’t LOVE to shop. Actually, that’s not altogether true. I don’t love traditional shopping. Going to the mall hasn’t been fun for me since I hung out at the arcade in Jr. High, with my asymetrical haircut and double pierced ears, thinking Cato was cool. Even today, I don’t enjoy driving around to lots of different shops just to browse or see what’s new. But I do love a good catalog, and I’ve been known to lose hours to eBay and Craig’s List. The hunt for that special item is thrilling, and when I find a bargain, I will tell the world how much money I saved. What I truly enjoy is thinking about all of the things that I would buy if I had unlimited funds. I can remember, as young as age 10, sitting down with my sister and a good catalog and imagining that we could pick out as many items as we wanted on each page of the catalog. These were my early fantasy shopper days. And now, as an adult, I walk room to room in my house and think of every item I would like to purchase to make that room look great (as well as every required renovation project that would make it look even better!). It was during this very activity that the question “What is enough?” popped into my head. We have a nice home, full of nice furniture, in a nice town, and I have nice clothes and a nice car. Why do I still want more stuff? 10 days off of shopping certainly hasn’t cured me. I’m still jonesing for my stuff fix. What will it take to feel that I finally have enough?

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