Happy Birthday Love

My husband, Carter, turns 35 today. Happy Birthday, Love….enjoy a homemade card from the kids, a breakfast that is slightly more special than normal, and a blog entry from me! Now that we’re on the no-stuff wagon (or is it off the wagon…I always confuse those two?), we’re celebrating over cake and ice cream at the beach and calling that our party. Sorry babe, no gifts. I did sneak in a few new shirts for him right before we went cold turkey. Hopefully the joy of those hasn’t worn off completely.

To be honest, I don’t think Carter will mind that he isn’t getting presents. Ever since his hand was slapped as a child for saying “where’s my nuther gift” a few too many times at his 4th birthday, I think he prefers to remain in the shadows at gift giving time. I, however, love to give and receive gifts. So this is perhaps more of a challenge for me, than for him. I pride myself on being a good gift giver. I put a lot of time and thought into finding just the right gift, and I keep little notes in my purse if someone mentions something they might like to have, just so I can spring it on them when they least expect it. And when it comes time to receive, I have high expectations–the more gifts the merrier.

But I’m sitting on my hands (and my credit card) this year and hoping that a day with the family and some tasty cake will make Carter feel special, and that I won’t feel like a total failure for keeping it simple. And I’ll offer to revisit this experiment next May for my Birthday so we can keep it even!

I love you, Carter. Happy Birthday!

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3 Responses to Happy Birthday Love

  1. Andrea Owens says:

    Happy Birthday Carter!

    Perri, you are too cute. I think you are coming back to realizing that celebrating with the people you love, like on birthdays, is more about the simpler things….being together. Carter will likely remember this birthday over others because it is different. The little things you and the kids do will stand out in his mind. So, go in peace and have a great day with him!

  2. MEAT! says:

    Dearest P, I’m having the best time reading your blog. As your college roomie, I take a special interest as you explore this question….you know….what is enough? Clearly, neither of us thought to answer this during our days at dear old Wake Forest. I’d say we frankly had more than enough of many things during college. I do recall lots of fun trinkets, groovy cd’s and a packed closet in our room. Remember how you’d decorate from floor to ceiling in our tiny 12X12 hole for each and every holiday? What ever happened to that creepy plastic white skeleton toy that used to live in the hair dryer basket during October? By the way, I think we were the only ones in Davis dorm to have a lovely pink and white faux-finished coffee table AND a futon. You and your “stuff” have always delighted and entertained me. I wish you much success with this experience, but just know that if you can’t handle it….you can always come to my wasteful cluttered home and we can be roomies again! Michelle

  3. MojoMom says:

    My husband Michael and I just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary last week. We decided to go away for a day and a half to spend time together, which was a wonderful treat. We agreed not to get each other any tangible presents and I can truly say this was the first time I’ve been okay with that. We’ve reached a stage in our relationship where showing and doing mean more than buying things. We still buy each other presents when the spirit moves us but we aren’t frantically running around on holidays. At home I am trying to practice the art of “unshopping,” which is to take the time I would ordinarily spend shopping and use it to select things I can truly live without.

    Memo to my husband: I’m not ready to go totally cold turkey. My birthday is next month and one little present would be cool!

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