Interesting Side Effect to Consumer-Free Plan

I’ve gained about 5 lbs in the last month. I have to wonder, am I eating tastier food to compensate for not buying other stuff? Could it be my frequent trips to Locopops to keep my toy-deprived kids happy? That, plus having more people over to eat in an attempt to eat out less (which always includes appetizers, wine, dessert)–and now I’m getting fat! I try not to weigh myself obsessively, so my weight gain was realized when my favorite jeans were a bit hard to zip up. And I can’t go out and replace my entire wardrobe because I’m not buyin’! Damn, living larger and unable to shop–a very sad state to be in.

So, an interesting side benefit is that I’m now motivated to workout and eat better, so I can shed this summer weight and fit in my old clothes. God forbid I have to start wearing the few garments left over from post-partum days! Enough is enough (food, that is), indeed.

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One Response to Interesting Side Effect to Consumer-Free Plan

  1. Carter says:

    i think what actually happened is you stole those pounds from me, i’ve been eating what little food we have left in the house like i have a tapeworm and i’m still shriveling up. odd unforeseen effect of consumer free? could be.

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