I can’t get no satisfaction

Yesterday, I decided that I must remodel our master bathroom. It’s been ugly from day one, but now I feel that I can hardly function in it. There is no counter space, a 30 year old vanity with rust on it, 1970’s linoleum floors that are impossible to clean, a toilet that only flushes every three tries, and a dingy fiberglass tub. Not only do I want to shop, I want to gut an entire room to the studs and start fresh!

When I start to get busy (organizational work is picking up again after the typical slowdown of summer, and kids are starting back to school), I get antsy and need a big project. But it’s going to be a little hard to re-do an entire room without buying anything. I’m unlikely to find a room’s worth of slate tile, a vanity with concrete countertops and a solid glass shower door on Freecycle. Alas, I’ll be living with A Very Brady Bathroom until spring (nevermind that we don’t have the money saved up for this little project!).

Today I spoke with a great friend of mine, Laura (Asheboro buddy that I’ve known since we were children), and we were discussing our desire to feel satisfied with all that we have, rather than constantly asking for/wanting more. This really gets to the heart of why I started this consumer-free project. I’m chronically dissatisfied with my personal belongings–wondering when I’ll get better clothes, nicer furniture, a better car (see previous blog posts for kvetching on each of these topics). These thoughts lead to wanting/buying more, which I don’t really need and afterwards, all that I’ve purchased feels totally wasteful. I never reach that ultimate feeling of satisfaction. What would I do with myself if I had it all? So here I sit, not even two months in to consumer-free living, staring at my ugly bathroom, still wanting more.

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One Response to I can’t get no satisfaction

  1. lester says:

    with posts like this how long before we give up the newspaper?!!

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