Mother of the Year

We got off to such a great start with kindergarten this morning–skipping into school ready to learn. By the early afternoon we had totally deteriorated into a dysfunctional mess. I picked up my daughter from her first full day of school and she immediately started crying, thinking she had lost her headband. Turns out, it was attached to her backpack so all was well. On the 2 mile drive home, we had a second round of tears about her nap towel. It’s her favorite Princess towel, and she realized today that she has to leave it at school. I quickly folded like a cheap tent and promised to purchase her another towel for naptime. Consumer-free living be damned. My child was an emotional wreck and I was willing to promise her anything to make it all better.

A snack of chocolate milk dried up all tears, but then my two year old, who missed out on his regular 3 hour nap due to elementary school pickup time, was getting a little cranky. He was satisfied with a push in the swing, but then my kindergartner fell apart again upon realizing that her Crocs (that were about 3 sizes too small) had been given away. She had the mother of all temper tantrums, telling me I was a rotten mother who never did anything nice for her. Under normal circumstances, this kind of talk would have resulted in a quick trip to her room to think about her words. But today, the first full day of kindergarten, I swooped up both kids and ran to University Mall to purchase new pink Crocs. What a sucker!!

Once satisfied with new trendy, rubber shoes (generic brand and on sale, but the tears were gone!), we left the mall. On the way out, the kids decided to have a quick foot race and my son slammed face-first into the glass door at the mall, resulting in a bloody forehead, a nice goose egg and some smashed fingers. All I could say to my daughter was “I hope you’re happy with those shoes!”.

For all of this, I’m awarding myself the Mother of the Year Award. A little guilt induced psychological damage for the five year old, an open head wound for the 2 year old, and a mom who is driven to drink at 5pm. So much for a trip to the mall.

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