To buy list

I’m starting to keep a running list in my head of stuff I want. This feels antithetical to the spirit of the consumer-free project. If I run out in January and start buying like a crazy woman, then I’ve learned nothing. But for now, I just need to empty my head of my fantasy “to buy” list:

New master bathroom (okay, that’s a big one)
Fall shoes (at least 3 pairs for me and one for my daughter)
A stapler (mine doesn’t work very well, but I know a trip to Staples to buy one will induce more shopping so I’m holding off)
New window treatments in our master bedroom
A fall purse
New towels for new master bathroom
A FLOR rug in my dining room (this is ridiculous because it will just be covered in food all of the time, but nevertheless, I want it)
A minivan (okay, another big one)
A fall dress from Anthropologie
Black cashmere turtleneck sweater (I’m still pouting about it)

Okay, I feel a little better getting that off my chest. Now I think I’ll go take a cold shower.

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