Spooky Dilemma

The Costume Express Halloween catalog arrived on Saturday and my five year old can’t get enough. In three days she has discussed dressing up as a vampire, Cleopatra (with matching costume for me and a Pharaoh suit for her dad and brother), Holly Hobby, Sleeping Beauty, Wonder Woman, a Scary Fairy and a Funky Witch. I may have to learn how to sew, weave and mold plastic between now and late October! I keep asking, “what’s so wrong with being a Hobo?”–but she’s not buying it.

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3 Responses to Spooky Dilemma

  1. Neva says:

    I immediately thought of you when this catalog came to our house and Eden spent at least 2 hours on it! She seems to be stuck on being a Cheetah Girl at that moment (consider yourself lucky if you do not know about this yet)but I’m glad that I don’t have to sew her costume. Good luck with that. You are my hero..

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