Party at the Kersh house

We’re hosting a cocktail party tonight for some friends who recently moved back to Chapel Hill. We haven’t had many parties since we moved in this house, mainly because having people over makes me want stuff (like a brand spankin’ new kitchen, and new interior and exterior doors, and a professionally landscaped yard). We have done some landscaping this summer (although it’s way more DIY than the professional job that was quoted at $14K!!), but as always, our very-Brady-house still needs a few upgrades. But at least I no longer refer to the yard as “the blight”…so we figured we were ready to host a few people on the deck.

I managed to prep for this party without buying any un-necessities. Thanks to my mother who is equipped to host 60 people at the drop of a hat, I got away with only purchasing food and alcohol. I must confess that I also purchased 3 candles at Wal-Mart–but since their purpose is to light some stairs that are just waiting to break someone’s neck, I figured it was more like a necessary insurance policy rather than a frivolous buy. Plus, they’re kind of ugly, and they came from Wal-Mart, so there was no real thrill involved in their purchase.

I realized today, as I was walking around the Carrboro Farmer’s Market (one of the greatest places on earth!) that I’ve been a little glass-half-empty lately. All of this focus on not-buying has made me think too much about what I don’t have. So, as I purchased some $5 flowers (okay, also not necessary–but a party isn’t a party without flowers) I made a secret vow to myself to start opening my eyes to all I do have and shake off this feeling of wanting more. Okay…so I’ve been a little too busy cleaning and cooking all day to truly embrace this new attitude. But once I shower up, get the kids in bed and enjoy a cocktail tonight, I fully intend to take a deep breath and enjoy the abundance around me.

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