And so begins month three

We’re entering our third month of consumer free living so I thought I would check in with myself and see how we’re doing.

Q: Have we saved money?
A: To my great surprise, yes! Our Visa bill was actually about $800 less than average this month. Was I really spending $800 on crap at Target, clothes, shoes, and house stuff? If so, then shame on me. Could just be a coincidence, but I think not…

Q: Will we create less garbage?
A: Actually, we’re doing better on this, too. Thanks mostly to my freakishly obsessive desire to recycle every bit of mixed paper that comes and goes from our house these days. I find myself picking up little scraps from the kids’ art projects and dumping them in my recycling bag. This may be good for the environment, but it’s doing a hell of a number on my already obsessive tendencies.

Q: Will the kids learn from this experiment?
A: So far, no great lessons imparted. 5 year old wants a golden head piece and matching shoes for her Cleopatra halloween costume (good luck finding those on Freecycle!), and 2 year old wants to purchase one of the big, farm-sized John Deere tractors at Lowes. The Christmas catalogs will be here soon enough, allowing for months of salivation and desire from the kiddos.

So despite all of my whining, I’m feeling good about our progress. Oh, and to make my day, I found a stapler from some kind Office Supply Fairy in my son’s cubby at school (see post on 8/29–I’m really not expecting to receive these items as gifts, I swear!). If all I’ve accomplished at the end of six months is becoming the world’s biggest mooch, I’ll be a little ashamed of myself.

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One Response to And so begins month three

  1. Carolle says:

    Doesn’t that amount of savings make you feel great?! We try to practice the rule of purchasing only what we do need and not simply what we would love to have, we also do NOT use credit cards (except for medical emergencies, car emergencies and booking travel plans). Most of our reasoning is because we live on a budget and my husband is a Banker. So he has witnessed first hand what debt does to people and their finances, not to mention their mental state. We also get paid only once per month–yes read it and weep–one paycheck , one time a month. We are a family of four living on ONE income, it’s worth the sacrifice so that I can be at home full time and focus fully on my family, but sometimes I do get a bad case of the “glass half empty” feelings. As for the environmental issues, we do recycle, we try to teach our children about not being wasteful (with food, paper, etc.). We try to illustrate to our children the art of gratitude and that there are those less forunate and there will always be those with MORE. But as we’ve read here over and over, Less is sometimes More.

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