Jammies out the wazoo!

I’ve been working a lot lately (a lot for me is 3 days a week–but since that is all my son is in school, it feels like plenty) so I’ve kind of let my house go. I managed to clean the public areas pretty well for our cocktail party last week, but the rest of the house has gone to hell. I realize this is not a great endorsement for my business. But really, when you spend all day organizing the homes of others, it’s hard to muster up the energy to scrub the toilets, sort Barbie shoes from Legos, and file paperwork at home.

But I got on a bit of a tear today and decided to go through my daughter’s clothes drawers to pull out items that are too small. I once tried to get her to participate in this process and in my most excited mommy voice said “Is this fun or what?”, to which she replied “mom, this is definitely or what.” So now I go through this ritual alone. First, I must confess, that I don’t fold my children’s clothes. I’m happy if I get them in the right drawer and they’re clean, but beyond that, the exercise in futility known as folding is one I avoid. So when I start to sort through her things, I end up with an enormous mound of clothes in the middle of the room. Today, as I was sorting, I realized that my five year old daughter has 17 pairs of pajamas. Yep, that’s right…17 pairs. After that ridiculous realization, I couldn’t bring myself to count her t-shirts, sweaters, shorts or pants (but I’m fairly certain she has at least 5 pairs of jeans). And don’t even get me started on the shoes.

I don’t know what is more embarrassing–the amount of stuff she has, or the fact that I didn’t even buy most of it! Thanks to my generous sister, a few good friends, and Grandma BiBi who was born to shop, my kids are well clothed. I feel pretty pleased with our ability to recycle clothing, and I’m always happy to pass along the good stuff to others. But really, who needs that much sleepwear? I can truly say, when it comes to clothes, my children have enough!

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