Tippin’ my hat

A big thanks to Amanda, who writes a fantastic blog called NakedLedger, for pointing people my way. I had my biggest group of readers ever today. And let me just share that super high blog stats have a nice way of compensating for feelings of low self-esteem caused by ill-fitting clothes from last year. So thanks for checking out my site and please keep reading.

Amanda’s blog explores her family’s attempts to live on a budget–and she really does expose their spendin’ ways–receipts and all. However you go about it–living on a budget or temporarily opting out of the consumer game–you might just find that you save some bucks!

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One Response to Tippin’ my hat

  1. tracey says:

    Goodie! I will take full responsibility for this blog hook-up! So glad you found one another!
    Good people need other good people in this world.

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