Break down…

Up until this point, two and a half months of non-shopping hasn’t been too tough. We were fairly well stocked on basic necessities and hadn’t really felt the pinch. Apparently, that well is starting to dry up. Plus, all of a sudden, a lot of stuff is breaking.

First, my car stereo went out. I don’t really mind not listening to kids music for a week or two (or twelve), but I’m missing my NPR fix. Again, no cable tv, so that is my major source of news and information. And I love Diane Rehm, and Dick Gordon, and Terry Gross. Oh, and did I mention Ira Glass? Love that guy, too. They’re like my adult friends that I can zone out to when I need to feel like a well-informed grown up. So, the stereo has to be fixed (hopefully not replaced!).

Then this morning, I broke a coffee mug (it’s from a Crate and Barrel set that I love, and I fear that if I don’t replace it, they’ll discontinue the pattern), and tonight, my son broke a lamp shade in the playroom, and our VCR’s appetite for tape-eating has increased to the point that it’s pretty useless (and really, who wants to buy a VCR these days, but what do you do with all of the old tapes?). And finally, my favorite lipstick pencil is down to a nub. I almost got a lip splinter the other day, which I imagine would hurt very much.

Nevermind the winter of our discontent. Fall may be pretty damn bleak as well!

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2 Responses to Break down…

  1. Amanda says:

    I always love it when stuff breaks/wears out/gets used up. It gives me an excuse to go buy something new. It also, for me at least, defines the difference between need and want. You NEED a new lip pencil; I just want one.

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