Shopping in my own closet…

The seasons are changing, fall is in the air, and I’m ready to ditch my black tank tops (my signature station-wagon driving, organizing for a living, chasing after the kids look). I did a little shopping in my own closet this morning, and unearthed some surprising treasures. I found a couple of great shirts way back in the back that don’t look too shabby. Since I’m STILL carrying around an extra 5 lbs. (well, make that almost 7 after the ridiculous amount of food/wine I consumed at my bookclub party Tuesday night!), I’ll have to see what I can squeeze into. But I’m hoping to find a few new uniforms to update my look without having to hit the thrift stores in total desperation. So what if I’m wearing something from 2001…as if I were going to go out and buy leggings (the “in” look for fall ’06???) anyway. I can’t wait to start rummaging through my drawers to see what I can come up with next!

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