Despite all of my whining of late (as if I’ve given up practically everything that is tasty or fun in life), I had a great week with my kids. I think in my effort not to spend/buy/consume/shop, I had gotten a little lazy as a mom. I definitely had some making up to do.

Monday, I took my daughter to the Morehead Planetarium to see a Magic Treehouse Movie. We avoided the goody-filled gift shop and instead shared a hot chocolate on Franklin Street. Tuesday was gymnastics and family dinner night before Carter left on a business trip. Wednesday the kids enjoyed an evening with grandpa Don Don that included a walk, roller skating, and a lot of time on the swingset. Thursday we spent the entire afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese (definitely not MY first choice for a fun afternoon–but my kids are in love with that place). Friday we had a birthday party to attend at Pump It Up (huge, jumping castle and giant slide fun house) in Raleigh, and this morning, I took the kids to see an Operetta for children at Duke Gardens (thanks for the invitation, Anton).

Most of these events cost $10 or less, and didn’t involve purchasing a single toy/gadget/keep-you-quiet-while-mommy-shops item. Other than the goody bag from the birthday party, nothing was purchased or brought into our house other than food, gas and activities this week. We’re almost 3 months in to consumer-free living and so far, so good!

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2 Responses to Supermom

  1. Evette says:

    How about gardening? I’ve gotten most of my plants from friends,i.e., recycling, good for the earth, non-consuming and burns calories. 😉

  2. Deborah Kersh says:

    I was just searching the net and found your website. I too am a Kersh and we Kersh’s do like to have nice things. Good Luck to you in your not spending habits.

    Deborah Kersh
    from Whitehouse, Texas 88 miles from Dallas

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