True Confessions

Okay, so this morning, I had to return something to Wal-Mart. And while there, I did a teeny, tiny bit of shopping. I decided that my old black workout pants that were holding on by a thread just had to be replaced. I’ve probably walked 5000 miles in those faithful pants, and they even saw me through my pregnancy with our son. But at this point, they were one downward facing dog away from total disintegration, so I replaced them. I’ve never seen the inside of a dressing room at Wal-Mart prior to today–but I figured if I was going to buy something, I’d better be darn sure it fit and that I liked it. So I walked away with two new pairs of workout pants (why buy just one once you’ve broken the seal?), and a cute impulse buy workout tank top (it was on sale for $5…who could resist?), and it felt pretty good. Well, and while I’m being honest…I also bought new underwear. But hey, even the members of the Compact allow for that, and they’re pretty hard core!

Go ahead, throw stones if you must…but I’m not feeling too bad about this little shopping excursion. I purchased something that I truly needed and hey, it might even encourage me to keep dragging my ass to the gym!

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