Halloween without shopping…spooky, indeed!

I love Halloween. Always have, always will. I love that it’s fall. I love that there is candy. I love that there are decorations. And I even love costumes. I’m not a big fan of dressing up as an adult, but I do love dressing up my little goblins. I even get a little crafty around Halloween (most likely inspired by my cheapness and obsessive compulsiveness — the thought of shelling out $39.99 for a poorly-made polyester costume and wig that will shed all over my house fills me with dread) and enjoy making costumes for my kids.

So far this Halloween season, I’ve managed to stick to our no-buying pledge pretty well. I’ve purchased no candy (I’ve been known to put away an entire bag of Harvest Blend candy corn in one sitting–so this is no small accomplishment!), no decorations (this is very upsetting to our five year old–she envisioned an entire graveyard scene in our woodsy front yard), and no costume-making stuff. Our daughter decided she just had to be Cleopatra (thank you very much, Halloween Express!) and the-amazing-grandma-BiBi committed herself to making the costume. This task, of course, required purchasing several yards of gold and purple fabric and cording, but it’s still cute and homemade and way better than the catalog version (who knew you could make an ancient Egyptian dress out of a pillow case?). Our son has decided to go as a fan (an entire blog post is required to explain his obsession with and undying love for all fans–I’ll save that for another day). I just put the finishing touches on his cardboard and aluminum foil get-up, complete with a cord for the tail. Pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.

Other than a pumpkin purchase, we’ve almost survived this holiday without buying a thing! What does Halloween inspire you to buy, make or eat?

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4 Responses to Halloween without shopping…spooky, indeed!

  1. Laura Tenbrunsel says:

    Halloween inspires me to eat candy! I have already eaten the candy I have bought to give out on Halloween. When will I learn to buy only candy I do not like? Probaly because I can’t find snack size black licorice. Laura

  2. perr1ker5h says:

    Dum Dums, my friend. Kids love them (unless they’re comparing them to a mini-Snickers, and then nothing wins out!), but they’re not such a treat for an adult. Might as well swallow a tablespoon of raw sugar. I CANNOT have candy in my house. I’ll eat it till I’m sick and have ulcers in my mouth. Nothing will stop me. Fortunately, no trick or treaters will attempt to walk up our insanely steep driveway, so we just light the pumpkin, put out a few Dum Dums (just in case!), and head for a neighborhood with nice, flat sidewalks.

  3. Amanda says:

    I don’t have the wherewithal to avoid the harvest blend, so I’ve bought a couple bags of that (for only a buck each at Target). I also bought a bag of smarties, a single pumpkin at the grocery store and a kitty costume for the baby at Old Navy. We also spent about six dollars at Home Depot perfecting Alex’s construction worker costume. That said, I can’t tell you how many Halloweeny things have ended up in my shopping cart that I have then had to make myself put back before checking out. I can’t wait until Wednesday, when everything goes on clearance and I can stock up for next year.

  4. BE says:

    Today I purchased red and orange face paint and hair spray for my son to be FIRE. My 3 year old daughter has elected to dress up as our pastor, so I didn’t have to buy a thing for her (she really likes our pastor and thinks wearing a tie is cooler than her tutu. go figure.) and gleefully I can say that is is. I spent about $5. YEAH.

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