Ooooops, I almost bought a car

I didn’t mean to go car shopping. Really, I didn’t. I fully recognize that purchasing a VEHICLE in the midst of a six month consumer-free experiment would be cheating just a bit. In all fairness, I didn’t list a car as a No-No in my first post, but I think it was implied.

It was a rainy Friday and my children were both out of school. We went to visit BiBi and DonDon (my parents) for the day and I decided to accompany my dad while he ran a few errands. And that’s when I saw it…a new Minivan on the Mazda lot priced below invoice, in need of an owner. I wheeled in to take a look, and two hours later was haggling over prices and getting my VW checked out for a trade in. To make a long story a bit shorter, I didn’t buy the van. But now I’m hooked. I spent half of my morning scouting out car deals on Craig’s List, eBay and the local AutoTrader.

I’ve mentioned before that we want a van for a number of reasons (mainly, automatic opening doors!). Just this past week the car door fell shut, slamming my 2 year old in the head and knocking him to the ground. That horrible event alone made a van seem like a necessary exception to the no-shopping rules. My fantasy vehicle–a hybrid van with 3rd row seating and automatic opening doors–does not exist. But if I can find a used van with doors that won’t maim my children, low mileage and a fair price, I’ll probably be buying. Tune in to see if we put off the purchase until January 9th…

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