Soft around the edges

That title could definitely describe my body after the dozen or so mini-Snickers and five (yes, five!) pieces of pizza I consumed on Halloween. But it also refers to my resolve to stay off of shopping. I’m losing my consumer-free mojo and need some inspiration. First, I’m obsessed with car shopping–and that’s no little purchase! Not to mention that I’m feeling like a total anti-environment/clean-air pollutin’/suburbanite because I’m only shopping for big-mama, gas guzzling mini vans.

And now that Halloween is over, I’m in full-blown think-about-Christmas mode. I’ve started quite a list for the kids and it’s all STUFF! Back in July I imagined a creative Christmas full of warm, family experiences and home-made gifts that would remind us of simpler times. Now I want to buy them games, toys, computer software, stuff, stuff, stuff! And to be totally honest, I’m wanting some stuff for ME. Cameron’s at University Mall has this great little section of clothing called “Wink”–and they just moved to their very own store in the mall. It’s loaded with awesome clothes, jewelry, cowboy boots, and more. I poked my head in there today just to look and the helpful sales lady said “you know, we can create a wish list for you so you can just send your husband right in to buy what you want.” I think I drooled a little at the thought and quickly said “sign me up, sister!”

To add to the temptation, I’m going to Winston-Salem in a few weeks to attend Piedmont Craftsmen (my sister has been invited to join which is quite an honor), and I’m a total sucker for great arts and crafts. We have two months to go and I’m feeling weak, I tell you, WEAK! Please send notes of encouragement, reminders of environmental devastation due to over-consumerism, or anything else to help me regain my strength!

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3 Responses to Soft around the edges

  1. lelly says:

    be strong!! you are inspiring to me – we are living through a consumer-free time (out of necessity right now). reading about your consumer-free choices give me great hope that when my family has moved out of this darkish time, we will actually choose to go without stuff!! (well, maybe not as MUCH stuff…) and? spending money on great arts and crafts doesn’t really count, does it??

  2. cletuspapa says:

    Post your wishlist here…didn’t an office supply fairy do good things for you in the past?

    Resist the minivan!!!!

  3. MEAT! says:

    Now Pearl….I have complete faith in you and your efforts!!!!! Just to let you know….as a direct result of your blogs, I have cleaned out every closet in our house over the past 2 months. I don’t mean I’ve straightened. I mean I’ve cleaned out, donated and thrown away (an embarassing amount of crap!). To give you an idea, this week the garbage man hauled off 17 bags of well, um…I can only classify it as shit! Pure TEE JUNK! I also took two van loads to the Habitat store last week for donation. By the way, my van is so great for hauling things. I also love the doors! Just push a button and….oops wait a minute. I’m supposed to be helping you resist here. How bout this? Buy the van as a slightly early gift to you and your family for going consumer-free for 6 mos. Can I rationalize or what? At any rate, keep up the blogs. I just love reading them. M

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