Gettin’ a little greener

I think I’m back on the wagon…having survived a week of car shopping without buying (I realized that if I back my car into my parking spot, the door won’t crush my two year old’s body when he climbs out…crisis averted!), realizing that we’re creating about A THIRD of the garbage that we used to, and that our monthly Visa bill has literally been cut in half…I’m feeling inspired, motivated and ready to cruise through to January 9th without shopping unnecessarily.

I just gave a talk about our consumer-free experiment at our church this weekend. Interestingly, one of the most frequent questions that I get when I tell people what we’re doing is “what about gifts?” Movie passes are still my favorite gift for now, but if that’s not working for you, visit a few of these sites for eco-friendly gifts — even if you are buying, you can still tread a little lighter on Mother Earth and feel like you’re doing your part to make a difference.

Check out the list of creative, eco-friendly gifts at Ideal Bite, or purchase something beautiful from Vivaterra (I’m a big fan of their jewelry…hint, hint!), or find more clever ideas and loads of information about sustainability and gifts that give back to the earth at New Dream. Or there’s always the old standby of just planting a tree in someone’s honor and enjoying watching it grow. Happy shopping season!

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2 Responses to Gettin’ a little greener

  1. Sandy says:

    Hi. I’m a random stranger up in Massachusetts who stumbled upon your blog thru some now-unremembered links—and now get the RSS feed. Thanks! Very inspiring. I really appreciate what you’re doing and sympathize with the struggle. I am trying to pursue a similar line, though with a less overtly declared approach. I find it’s the little things that add up, like, wow, how I crave fresh new bath towels. But really, the old ones aren’t THAT bad, nor too too embarrassing to give to guests, except for that one with the inexplicable rust stain…. But, that said, the big things are hard to resist too: congratulations on talking yourself out of the new car! Mostly I’m prompted to write to say thanks for the green gift idea links. Could be very useful as the holidays tend to expose the profligate streak beneath my Yankee thrift. Cheers.

  2. Angie Welch says:

    Your blog is on the very high level and includes a lot of very interesting information and was very useful for me.

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