Hope you’re votin’!

We’ve got some pretty big fish to fry in the US right now–Iraq, Iran, North Korea, national debt, immigration, the debate over stem-cell research, oil dependence…not to mention global climate change which has largely been ignored by our current administration. Sir Nicholas Stern, a former World Bank chief economist recently released his report in the UK, warning of the disasters that would arise from floods, storms and other natural catastrophes brought on by a warmer world. In a 700-page report for the government of Prime Minister Tony Blair, Stern said the world would have to pay 1% of its annual GDP to avert disaster. But doing nothing would cost up to 20 times that amount.

I’m hoping to wake up to some new faces in Congress tomorrow who are open to renewable energy sources and will take seriously the role the US could play in reversing global climate change. Hope you’re out there votin’!

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