Fess up…are you still wearing a fanny pack?

Carter and I have started a hilarious yet equally depressing competition called “My Outfit is Older than Yours.” He won hands down last night when he donned an entire ensemble from 1997–including a flannel shirt (grunge look, anyone?) and Doc Martens. I do still own and regularly wear three pairs of pants from the 90’s (most days I can get over the fact that they’re not completely in style and just thank God I fit in them!) and, truth be told, I’ll go to my grave wearing “chunky” shoes because I firmly believe that thick soled shoes make your ankles look slimmer. The rest of my 90’s attire–denim overalls, combat boots and baby doll dresses–are long gone.

What’s the oldest piece of clothing you own and still wear?

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3 Responses to Fess up…are you still wearing a fanny pack?

  1. Be says:

    Most of my clothes are older. My two favorite skirts are from about 1999 and I wear them regularly. I have two pairs of jeans from about 1996. I don’t buy a lot of trendy clothing and each piece I do buy has to pass the “does it match four things I already own?” rule. I have a winter coat from 1995 and a suede big shirt from 1996. I also limit my shoes so that I don’t have piles of them and I resell almost everything my kids outgrow and get about 80% of their clothes second hand.

  2. Paige says:

    I just recently gave away dresses I wore to my own bridal showers…(we’ve been married 10 years this April). BTW – grunge is back in and Doc Martins rule. I just bought a new pair.

  3. kate says:

    My OSU sweatshirt from college (OMG, I just realized it is 15 years old now…).

    Go Bucks!

    I was sad to pitch my Docs, they had completely worn through the soles, the sides. Sigh. I’m with Paige, I might go get another pair!

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