If you enjoy receiving junk mail, read no further

But if you’re like me and are just a little sick of the credit card offers, the catalogs, the time share invitations, and, oh yeah, more credit card offers, then check out this fantastic resource called Greendimes (their tagline is “Our Planet–Do you Give a Dime?”). For just $.10 a day (only $3/month!), Greendimes will get you off of mailing lists, stop junk mail from flooding your mailbox, AND plant a tree every single month just for you! That’s 12 trees a year, planted FOR YOU in India, Haiti or Senegal where a tree does more than reforest–it helps local people stay productive on their land and preserves their livelihood. You’ve got to feel good about that!

This might be the coolest eco-friendly resource I’ve found to date (thank you very much IdealBite for the tip!). Terrapass, I love you, too, but I just can’t pass up on the chance to save a tree and plant a tree–I’ll be giving Greendimes memberships to all of my friends and family this year for Christmas.

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