Am I a social outcast?

When we first started our consumer-free experiment WAY back in July, I felt pretty cool. People enjoyed hearing about it and I was often met with comments like “Wow, that’s so great, we should really do that!” People were reading my blog, I was feeling the love, and the challenge to stay away from shopping was fresh and fun–kind of like going on a big diet and watching the weight just fall off, and everyone around you says “damn, girl, you look hot.”

No one seems to think this shopping-free gig is so cool anymore (I’m more often met with looks of “you’re crazy” or “why would you do that?” these days), including me. I’m a bit bored with myself and my blog, and the thought of buying something to boost my spirits seems pretty appealing. It’s Christmas, for goodness sake–I want to hit the mall, get my credit card smokin’, buy stuff that I just want because I want it.

If the world tells us that we are what we buy, then who am I as I approach Christmas, the ultimate season for buying and giving, and I’m buying nothing?

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3 Responses to Am I a social outcast?

  1. Mary says:

    We’re still here!!!
    Don’t worry about people not commenting. We’re still here and reading up on your blog. I haven’t commented before but I’d like to say that what you are doing is incredibly awesome. I think it is so difficult/inspiring/earth-friendly/rewarding/frustrating.

    I know that I could never, ever pull this off myself, but it definately has inspired me to do so much. I try to waste less, to buy many items used from flea markets and yard sales, to recylce items that I already have and use them in different ways instead of contributing to landfills, and think about my purchases ALOT more and decide if it is something that I really need. Hubby and I have even decided to only give each other a few necessities for Christmas and nothing more.

    Keep up the shopping ban…. I am eager to see how it goes through Christmas. Oh, and good luck!

  2. CletusPapa says:


    Too many times we buy things because we can, hoping they will fill a void when what we really need we already have – Health, family, children and a spouse (to care for and drive you crazy!) On the other side of this experiment everyone in your family will have an appreciation for what you’ve done. (Perhaps not thing 2, but thing 1 is old enough to remember)

    I was one of those people who said WOW! What an undertaking….and now…I still do.



    ps – Don’t by the minivan…

  3. Thomas says:

    Dear Perri,

    First let me ditto what Mary has said above. We, the readers, are still reading every morsel. You are our hero!

    I think of you with every single purchase I make! I think of you with every single purchase I bypass. Since your project began, I’ve taken many, many items out of my cart and put them back on the shelves because of you.

    Every bag of trash reminds me of you! In a good way, of course. I have truly cut way back on the amount of waste that we generate all because of you.

    Seriously, you may be in chocolate withdrawl or experiencing some other undiagnosed condition but please know that your pearls of wisdom, bravery and diligence are inspiring.

    You are not allowed to

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