It’s Back, It’s “Better?”, It’s Baby Alive

For those who read my earlier post about Not So Amazing Amanda, you’ll be surprised (and horrified) to see me mention another piece of crap doll on my to-buy list. However, the “must have” toy for my five year old this Christmas just happens to be Baby Alive. If you grew up in the 70’s, as I did, you may recall Baby Alive I, the first ever “eat and shit” doll. Well, Baby Alive II is back and “better?” than ever, with new food packets to make her poop into her more-expensive-than-real pampers.

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but the over-priced ($89.99 retail!), sure-to-end-up-in-the-garbage-can-doll caused me a bit of anxiety this morning. I was in WalMart, purchasing, of all things, REAL DIAPERS for my REAL BABY, and I decided to take a detour through the toy department. When I got to the doll aisle, I noticed that there were a few Baby Alive accessories, but no dolls! I panicked, realizing that Baby Alive could be one of those “it” toys that is hard to come by, requiring me to stand in line at 5am, elbowing strangers and throwing punches over something that says “uh-oh, I made a stinky.” For a few brief moments I let my mind run wild with thoughts of how much I would be willing to fork over for one of these dolls on eBay if my daughter has to have it. Fortunately, Internet stores appear to be well stocked.

You tell me, must I purchase this doll for my daughter? Didn’t she take anything away from the Amazing Amanda Fiasco of ’05? If Baby Alive tops her Dear Santa list, what’s a good mom to do? I’ve tried to push her in other directions (“Hey, what about a nice Scooter? Or maybe some computer software?”)…to no avail. Baby Alive keeps coming back for more. If my child really wants to change poopy diapers, she can have at it with her own “Real Live” brother who lives in our house and continues to avoid the potty. That’s the kind of Baby Alive I’m talking about!

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11 Responses to It’s Back, It’s “Better?”, It’s Baby Alive

  1. Jeannie Riek says:


    I’m lovin’ this blog. You have given the Rieks much food for thought along he way, and I thank you.

    Regarding the Baby Alive – I share what has always gone down in our house at Christmas time.

    Santa, like God, does not grant our every wish and prayer – that is not his job. Santa’s job is to bring joy to children by magically leaving one or two toys under the tree. Our job is to understand that Santa has A LOT of children to bring joy to, and we cannot be so greedy as to expect that we will receive every toy we wish for.

    We only ask Santa for a few things, and we wait to be suprised by the one or two things he chooses for us.

    Despite the fact that some of our children’s friends receive every last thing on their long Christmas list, Alex and Callie have always understood that we aren’t entitled to expect to receive everything we want.

    There are so many areas of parenting where I feel like a bumbling fool. But this is one thing I think we’ve done pretty well.

    So don’t buy the absurdly overpriced doll (that POOPS!). Keep giving your kids the gift non-consumerism. I applaud you!


  2. Neva says:

    As you may remember we had the same (terrible) experience with Amazing Amanda last Xmas. It was promptly returned to Target by January 06 and actually never missed by Eden again… until… she saw ads recently for Amazing Allison. Evidently this is new and improved 2007 version of Amanda and suddenly it seemed like a good idea to Eden again. Luckily (and I laugh when I say this), she’s moved on to coveting the Barbie stylin’ head instead. It’s actually called the Barbie Bling Bling! Have you this horrendous piece of plastic? It’s a life size head and shoulders you can put cheesey jewelry and makeup on. The good news is it’s only $29 instead of the $89 for baby alive and perhaps it can be recycled for some other purpose in the future (hat and coat rack? manekin? haunted house? accessing the car pool lane?). Have I sold you on it yet? Good luck.

  3. Chrissy says:

    I had Baby Alive when I was little and I still remember how much fun she was. It was at the top of my x-mas list that year and my mom was sure to always get whatever was at the top of the list. I am the youngest (38yo) of 3, My brother is 4 years older, sister 5 years older so I was basically left to entertain myself after the age of 6. That doll kept me occupied for hours. Certain rules applied when I was playing with her. My mother stated any mess I made I had to clean up and if I left her lying around, she would be put away for me until I earned her back. I learned to pick up after myself because of those rules and never once had her taken away. I probably sound a little crazy but, there are very few memories I still have of when I was younger and this is one that stuck with me. You have to keep in mind the financial aspect of this purchase ($89 is a bit much but,generic diapers in preemie size should fit and soften the blow)Just my $.02

  4. Kimmie says:

    I didn’t get Baby Alive I back in the day and survived.

    That’s all I’m saying.


  5. Thomas says:

    I LOVED the Barbie plastic head with all the make-up when I was girl. Later in life, I collected a few which came in handy for the HOV lane. Perri, you too could zing through big city traffic in your new hybrid minivan if you mounted a few of those heads on the headrests. HAR!

    Speaking of creepy things we loved as children, did anyone have a Tressie doll?

  6. BeLinda says:

    Let me make sure I am understanding this. You feel passionatiely about using LESS and SAVING more yet you think that a five year old will have wisdom and foresight to understand the value of an $89 purchase that she will like approximately 15 minutes that ALSO produces more waste and creates more purchasing with the food and diapers and batteries? If you want to spend money on a doll, go to Magic Cabin and buy one that is at least worth the price. Santa does not come to our house. We work hard for the money that buys the presents for our children. The children appreciate presents from their parents who love them instead of a commercialized pipe dream of everything they could possibly imagine from a fictional character. How long did it take to earn the $89 for that doll? Is it worth it??

  7. Amy says:

    89.00??? Where in the heck are you all buying this girl at? I paid 38.00 for my daughters for her Birthday and she absolutley loves her to death! My 11 year old and myself actually fight over who is going to play with her next after my 8 year old is done with her lol She is a delightful doll that is well made and well worth the money. Preemie diapers work wonderful on her and so do the dolly ones that can be reused and washed over and over again. Sorry to all feel that the second time around for Baby Alive isn’t a good thing I disagree. I only hope that she brings my daughter and lots of other little girls the joy and endless hours of play and child hood memories as the first Bay Alive did for myself and so many others 🙂

  8. Lori says:

    My daughter loves this doll — and I did not pay more than $50 for her with all the bells and whistles. Xtra food, diapers, sippy cup, bottle, xtra clothes. She is not the prettiest doll I have ever seen, but she provides hours of entertainment for my daughter. She also loves Little Mommy doll, who is absolutely adorable and about $50 as well. Little girls love to play with dolls — it has always been that way!! I love the improvements to the boring baby dolls and “Chrissy” and Keri” dolls I played with!!

    • zaria says:

      i have baby alive and she eat a lot of food and she comes with clothes on her and you can by her some diapers and food and i am a lil kid named zaria

  9. zaria says:

    my baby alive coat 10.000 and i am not playing

  10. However, the “must have” toy for my five year old this Christmas just happens to be Baby Alive. If you grew up in the 70’s, as I did, you may …

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