Old Navy, you had me at hello

Time for a true confession. I went to Old Navy to purchase gloves and hats for the kids for our upcoming Helms Family Holiday gathering in Blowing Rock (the trip that is supposed to replace the over-the-top, four + hours of package ripping, box tossing, gift exchanging frenzy that we call Christmas with my family). Thirty minutes, and $116 later, I walked out of Old Navy with matching pajamas for all of the moms (don’t even ask what this is about…but it seemed like a good idea at the time), shirts for the girls, hats for the boys, and oh yeah, a new pair of slippers for little ol’ me. It was like some kind of pent up shopping spirit took over my body, my wallet, and my good sense and I couldn’t stop myself. Not only did I shop, but I shopped at Old Navy (not really the most exciting place to throw down $100!) and I left without buying the stuff I really, truly needed–stuff to keep my kids warm while in the mountains!

I promised to be honest and report any cheating, so there it is. Did I need this stuff? Love it? Think I looked fabulous in it? No. No. and No. Perhaps the photo op of all the moms in leopard print jammies and pink camis will make this slip-up worthwhile!

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