Coming clean about Christmas

Kind of like ripping off a band-aid, I decided to cram all of my Christmas shopping into two quick, consumer-crazy trips. And let me tell you, when I’ve had 3 cups of coffee, I can get a ridiculous amount of shopping done in no time. Truth be told, it felt pretty good visiting the local mall and doing a little buying. I certainly didn’t want to spoil my holiday buzz by feeling all dark and gloomy about my environmental impact. So I pushed my carbon-footprint-calculator out of my head momentarily, and here’s how it all went down…

Santa gifts were purchased from the usual suspects…WalMart, Target (hello, lover…I’ve missed you so), and Barnes & Nobles. However, for all other gifts, since I was sort of cheating by purchasing them, I decided to shop at small, local stores here in Chapel Hill and Carrboro–reducing my need to drive too far and hopefully purchasing gifts that weren’t shipped, trained and trucked over from China (although I’m not even sure it’s possible to avoid that!). I managed to get presents for all of my family from Cameron’s, Wink, The Children’s Store, Southern Season, Fleet Feet, Ali Cat and Wootini. And I wasn’t just buying to have something to wrap. I really thought through each individual gift and found something I’m excited to share.

What I have to avoid now is that last minute urge to grab “just one more gift” before the big day. Perhaps I should freeze my credit card or puncture a tire to keep myself at home…or I could always just stay in my jammies all day and eat Christmas cookies. Are all of your gifts purchased, wrapped and under your tree?

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One Response to Coming clean about Christmas

  1. Mary says:

    Sounds like you did really well in only 2 trips! No way I could pull that one off. All of my shopping is done, except for just a few odds and ends. It made it easier since hubby and I had agreed not to buy each other more than a few choice necessities. Also my daughter is only 9 months old and not even aware of Christmas or this Santa guy. So we got her a few toys from a flea market and a few new items over the past few months. I also usually try to look for great gifts all year long so that I can get them on sale and reduce the shopping frenzy the week before Christmas.

    As for wrapping, that’s another story. In years past, I would be done shopping and wrapping by the start of December. Not this year… I did mention I have a 9 month old, right? lol Anyway, only a very few presants are wrapped and under the tree. I’m hoping to finish up wrapping while she naps today and tomorrow… and maybe Saturday as well.

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