Six months down, a lifetime to go…

Our six month consumer free experiment is officially over today. Interestingly, I had three different people contact me today (2 by phone and 1 by email) to let me know that they, too, are embarking on a consumer free experiment of their own. I’m so pleased that we’ve inspired a few people to shop less or purchase more thoughtfully, and consider the impact of the consumer culture on their own life or that of their family. I’m cheering for you all!

We plan to keep up our efforts to buy less beyond this six month time frame. At least for today, I can tell you that I feel forever changed. We’ll see how long it lasts. Look for a big ol’ summary of lessons learned, cash saved, frustrations realized, and what we really, really missed during our 180+ day attempt to answer the question “What is Enough?”.

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