Potty training update

We haven’t gone as far as forcing our son to go naked for an entire weekend in order to get the hang of life without diapers, but we are attempting to nudge a bit more in the direction of a diaper-free lifestyle. I’ve offered him lollipops–the kid could care less. M&M’s…said he didn’t like them. Made him a chart where he can place a super-cool car sticker every time he sits–he wasn’t buying it. So tonight I offered to buy him a Nissan Quest mini-van just like my sister drives–and the kid sat on the toilet for 10 minutes without fussing. Of course, nothing happened. But he did sit.

I think we’re on to something. We’ll push the potty, and our son will push us into buying a new car.

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One Response to Potty training update

  1. Amanda says:

    Yay for potty progress!

    We love our Nissans. I drive an Xterra and my mom has a Murano. They are a great value, IMO. I may never buy from another company again!

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