My life is flashing before my eyes…

Today, our daughter turned six years old. People warned me that once elementary school started, life would start to fly by at warp speed. And it’s so true. I watch her now on the playground after school as she interacts with kids in first, second and third grade. She’s full of a confidence and spunky-ness that I hope and pray will never disappear. She now spends hours in her room reading big girl chapter books, and she’s overly concerned (in mom’s opinion!) about her clothes and her hair. She likes music like Jack Johnson and recently attended a High School Musical party and a school dance where she boogied down like a Soul Train dancer. Oh my…

Tonight we took her to dinner and said she could invite a friend to go along…and she choose a boy! She’s only six (and he’s only five) so of course it was a totally innocent, friendly dinner. But Carter and I kept looking across the table at each other and giggling/freaking out that this is what our future holds. Meeting boys that our girl brings home, making sure they’re nice and polite, hoping they treat her respectfully and appreciate her for all that she is.

We’re off in a week or so for our big NYC trip to celebrate her birthday. I can’t wait to show her that amazing city and remember what it was like to experience it for the first time. Going to a big city with a child is a fantastic chance to take in all of the cheesey, touristy things we no longer do as adults once we’ve visited a place a few times. I’m just as excited as she is to see the Statue of Liberty by boat and to roam through the Metropolitan Museum of Art and roll in the grass in Central Park. What an amazing way to enjoy your sixth birthday!

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