Consumer-free…born again!

The universe seems to be conspiring against us and our shopping ways, so the Kersh family has pledged to go consumer free again (number of months still to be determined). I may change the rules slightly, but the overall sentiment is the same–live with what we have, purchase only what we absolutely have to have, and find ways to simplify our everyday living.

Perhaps it was the Time Magazine article last week discussing 51 things we can ALL do to help slow global warming (including #51–Consume less, share more, live simply).

Or maybe it was returning home from New York and learning that our painters uncovered significant structural damage to our house that is going to cost a ridiculous amount to repair (a major wake up call to ALWAYS have money set aside for these types of unforeseen emergencies!).

Or, could it be the amount of shopping I’ve been doing to prepare for an upcoming episode or two I’m shooting for the Fine Living Network (I told you all I had totally let my wardrobe go…and boy did I do something about it. The thought of appearing on television in my mom’s hand me downs drove me shop…a lot!).

Or maybe, just maybe, we miss the satisfaction of feeling like, in our own small way, we’re doing something to make a difference. I truly found that we thought more, used what we had, got over what we didn’t have, and enjoyed the challenge of living with less during our last consumer-free experiment. I want to find a way for us to live sustainably–in every way. Obviously, the need to buy comes up from time to time. But I think we’re capable of finding a place of comfort (or discomfort) that we can keep up indefinitely.

For now, we’ll give it another shot and see how it goes. And of course, I’ll continue to track our progress here.

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