Trying to live a life that is “Not So Big”

I’ve been a big fan of Sarah Susanka’s books (The Not So Big House, Creating the Not So Big House, Outside the Not So Big House, etc.) for some time. Today, I caught part of her interview with The State of Things host Frank Stasio. I’m eager to read her new book coming out this month entitled “The Not So Big Life.”

According to her interview and blog, the book discusses ways to live your entire life (not just build your house) in a Not So Big way…a true step towards sustainability.

The Not So Big Life, as you’ll discover when you explore the website or read the book, is just as tide-turning a concept as The Not So Big House, containing a similar message but one that’s applied to how we live our lives rather than how we design our houses. Just as I’ve described the need in house design for quality of place over quantity of space, in this new book about living, I describe the need for quality of life over quantity of activity. We are, after all, human beings, not human doings.

I could use a little sustainability right now given my shopping sprees and newfound desire to renovate 1/3 of our home RIGHT. NOW. Not to mention my crazed, unbalanced schedule. Sarah Susanka may be serving up just what the doctor ordered!

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