When it comes to clothes (and shoes!), how much is Enough?

Thanks to my TV gig, and a wardrobe that was getting embarrassingly shabby, I’ve added to my clothing collection significantly this spring. I reorganized my closet the other day, and for the first time in a long while, I felt like I had plenty of clothes and probably only need one additional pair of sandals this year to fill my shoe needs.

Then, I read this post today on one of my new favorite sites (thanks! Geralin), Unclutterer, and realized perhaps I still have too much? Am I really wearing all that I have? Do I follow my own “if you haven’t worn it in a year, let it go” rule? Not to mention my “one in, one out” rule? I decided to create a list of must-haves for summer in NC and see how I’m doing:

* Black t-shirts (v-neck, round neck, short sleeve and tanks)–at least 5 or 6. Replace as they get dingy and gray.

* Funky t-shirts with print and patterns (to cover inevitable sweat stains from 95 degree days and 100% humidity)–3 or 4

* Black yoga pants (cropped and long)–3 or 4

* Various tank tops for working out (or looking as if I might work out)–3-4

* White blouse (fun and funky, kind of dressy, short sleeve and long sleeve)–3 or 4

* Jeans (comfy jeans, hot mama jeans, and “I ate and drank too much this weekend” jeans with forgiving stretch) — 4

* Shorts (as few as possible, only necessary to have one pair for hot days at a random park where you’re unlikely to see anyone you know)

* Cute, knee length skirts (as many as possible since I’m not wearing shorts! Some dressy, but mostly casual)–5 or 6

* One amazing summer suit that makes you feel like a professional rock star (I bought two this year due to TV gig and a few more speaking engagements. But I don’t regret either one).

* Solid cardigans in favorite colors for cool nights (not that we get many of them from May to September)–2 or 3

* Fun, somewhat dressy khakis that look great with strappy, platform sandals

* Cute sundress that’s dressy enough for a wedding

* Bathing suit that doesn’t make you feel like a total frump-mom (for the record, if I didn’t have kids who enjoy the pool, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a bathing suit. To quote Anne Lamott, I have cellulite that would make Jesus weep. But alas, I’ll show the cottage cheese for the sake of my kids)–2 or 3

* Cute jammies with camisol top for lounging on those days when you don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to get the kids to school.

* Strappy, platform sandals in brown, black (still looking for these!) and tan. Flip flops in various colors. Summer mesh tennis shoes for hikes, bike rides and days at the park.

Okay, so perhaps I have a little more than this in my closet. I’m finished with my spring shopping spree and aiming to get back on the simplification train. I think it’s time to make one more run through my closet and drawers. Surely I can dig out a few 1990’s treasures in need of a new home!

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4 Responses to When it comes to clothes (and shoes!), how much is Enough?

  1. Amanda says:

    Wow. We’re supposed to have all that? I better get shopping…

  2. lelly says:

    well, i can’t imagine wearing jeans in NC in the summer (maybe it is more humid here at the coast?!?) i am ALWAYS up for any outfit that makes me feel like a rockstar. in fact, *rockstar* is my word of the year!

  3. Geralin says:

    Dear Ms. Rock Star,

    Thanks for the link!

    Curious question: any capri-style pants?

  4. perr1ker5h says:

    How could I forget my precious, much-argued-over capris! 2-3 pairs are a must:)

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