Run (swim & bike), Neva, Run

My friend Neva is about to compete in her first big triathalon. You can read about her training and her family on her blog. I’m so inspired by her, and whenever I read her stories I realize that my whining (often about inane things, like my aimless summer, or my son-who-was-potty-trained-for-three-days suddently quitting and refusing to pee, or the humiliation of wearing a bathing suit) will get me nowhere fast. When Neva returns from her race, she plans to start organizing a benefit (perhaps a silent auction) to help raise money for a friend’s maternity hospital in Malawi. She’s just one of those friends who makes you want to work harder to be a better person.

Neva races in Philly this weekend for Team in Training, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We’ll be cheering her on from Chapel Hill. Go girl, go!

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One Response to Run (swim & bike), Neva, Run

  1. Neva says:

    Hey, I appreciate the “shout out”, but don’t sell yourself short. Watching you start this blog and make sacrifices for something you care about really impressed me. You inspired me to do something good too!
    Anyway, I’d rather run a few more miles than miss my weekly Target trip any day! Thanks so much Perri!

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