When I’m working with a client and we’ve sorted and categorized as much as we can, I refer to those last little items that don’t really have a home, but aren’t trash or giveaways as “giblets.” I think the term also applies to random thoughts floating around in your head with no good home to land. I’ll share a few tonight:

Saw this on Unclutterer and love it. I’m always struggling to find the best, clutter free way to charge our iPods, cell phones, digi cams, etc. I’ll never pretend to understand how this works, but it looks like a must have for all charger-challenged individuals.

I was working with a client today and we were discussing kids and gifts and being overwhelmed by all they receive (and then annoyed because you have to find a home for it!). I feel like a cheapwad (and let’s face it, I am) and a bit ungrateful sometimes when I skip out on gift giving or am not always warm and fuzzy over receiving gifts. But I really don’t believe in giving gifts just to give them or receiving just to receive. I think gifts should be spontaneous gestures — you see something that you know someone you care about would really love and want them to have it. IdealBite covered this very topic the other day, making this re-gifter and sometimes gift-skipper feel a little better about myself.

Last week I Googled “Time Makeover”, the Fine Living show I shot a few episodes for earlier this spring. Originally, it was scheduled to begin airing on July 22, but apparently we’ve now been pre-empted by “Cooking with Chefs: Produce, Fish, Cutlery and Pepper.” I guess knives, forks and table condiments pull in a bigger audience at 8pm than families struggling with time management issues. I’ll keep you posted on the big premiere once it is scheduled. I also received an email last week from the Director of Talent Development and Casting for the Discovery Networks, looking for a new “face” for an organizing pilot they’re shooting for TLC this year. I seriously considered trying out, but today, as I was scooping poop off the floor that my son didn’t quite get in the potty, and both phones were ringing, and I tripped over a pile of stinky camp and swim lesson laundry, I had my moment of reckoning. I just don’t think I have room in my life for TV right now. I crossed that career opportunity off my “to-do” list and felt a huge sense of relief. Perhaps I just experienced my own “Time Makeover.”

And my final “Giblet”…I raved about Greendimes earlier this year–the earth friendly company that helps you get off direct mail lists AND plants a tree every month in your name. It took several months, but I can finally say that I receive practically NO junk mail. Just the magazines I subscribe to, a catalog or two that I still enjoy receiving, and unfortunately, our dreaded monthly bills that we still receive the old fashioned way. They’ve been on Ellen, in Good Magazine and Business Week…but you can say you saw it here first.

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2 Responses to Giblets

  1. Jennifer says:

    I love chicken livers.

  2. Mary says:

    I love the good people at Greendimes. I receive almost no junk mail at all now! Thanks for helping me save a few hundred trees.

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