Recycling Quandry

Our recycling bin that we keep in our kitchen just bit the dust. I’m now searching for the perfect recycling container. As I’ve mentioned before, we’re a bit obsessive about recycling and typically have to empty our container several times throughout the week into our outdoor recycling bin (which, by the way City of Chapel Hill, is NOT large enough!).

Here are my issues:

**limited space in kitchen to store recycling

**no garage or basement to keep it outside prior to Tuesday pickup

**our kitchen is ugly enough as is, so I hesitate to junk it up with something big, bulky and equally ugly

**I need something I can hose out because we’re a bit messy

I’m considering this option from DWR. It’s big but I could use just two in the kitchen and keep two in our “basement” (aka crawl space) for cardboard and other items I have to take to the city to recycle.

I considered building this cute creation from Blueprint Magazine. But I’m not sure I have the space, skills or energy.

Does anyone have any clever thoughts or something that really works for them? Do tell!

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5 Responses to Recycling Quandry

  1. carrievoris says:

    we just bought 3 bins that stack on top of each other from IKEA. do you have an IKEA that is close? we also have limited space, and NO curbside recycling, so i have to haul it weekly to the center. but i got a large one for newspapers/office paper/chipboard and then 2 smaller ones for plastics and cans. they are working great, and take up only 2 feet square or so.

    the link to the goody bins…

  2. Mary says:

    We have one low cabinet that is designated for recycling. There’s a small (approx. 16x12x6in)plastic container that holds cans and bottles. It tends to overflow if not taken out twice a week. When they are taken out, they are dumped into our outdoor recycling bin (and I agree, they are made way too small). For cardboard, we just wedge that behind our garbage cans outside. And for paper, we use a paper bag from the grocery store. The bag goes in the recycling cabinet next to our cans, etc. Very low tech and easy solution, providing you have a cabinet you could use to keep it out of sight and out of the way.

  3. Karen Henke says:

    Check with your city’s garbage/recycling department. In Minneapolis, we can request a second (outdoor) recycling bin at no cost. They also allow us to use our own containers if we attach the city’s recycling stickers.

  4. Mary says:

    Yea here we can request another can or a bigger can, but it’s almost impossible for us to get there to pick one up. Hubby is working while they are open and I can’t fit it in the car with Baby Dear in there as well. Oh and we can use our own containers as well…. but the last one we were using was emptied by the recycling people and then the garbage people thought it was garbage and they took it 😦

  5. perr1ker5h says:

    I think I’m settling on the DWR solution. AT just $22, this has to be the least expensive product ever from DWR, and it gives us the flexibility to use them later in a cabinet or in our “basement” if a vault of money falls out of the sky and we can redo our kitchen. I also like the “bag-like” design, making it easier to haul out to our bins. The Ikea option looks great–but the closest Ikea is in Washington, DC (I heard that we’re getting an Ikea in Charlotte next year, but that’s still a 2.5 hour trip….probably for the best since I can’t seem to get out of that store for under $150).

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