Be a double do-gooder!

We’re back from a glorious week long vacation at the beach. I just realized that it was exactly a year ago that we launched our first six month consumer free experiment. I wish I could say that our family was forever transformed and we’re living the simple life, but alas, I’m still jonesing for stuff just as much as the rest of my clan. I do, however, feel that our awareness has been raised and we’re much more conscious of our environmental impact as a family of four. Thanks to numerous articles and events during this past year, green has gone “in your face”, and just about everyone who is anyone is talking about changing their lightbulbs to CFLs. I still think we’re up for another consumer free experiment in the near future. Now that I’m driving that big honkin’ van around, I’ve got to do something to right myself with the universe.

I was just about to purchase my Terrapass for the new van and stumbled upon this. I’ve always been disturbed by our throw-away culture and how quickly tech devices become obsolete. Terrapass will now allow you to trade in an old cell phone for a Terrapass product. It’s a double do-gooder opportunity! We have a number of old phones floating around our house that I’m sure have some life left in them, and I certainly don’t want to toss them in the landfill. Terrapass makes it easy to recycle your phone AND offset the carbon output from your vehicle. They even offer a FREE postage label to mail in your phone. I’m off to dig up my old phones right now!

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2 Responses to Be a double do-gooder!

  1. You can donate your old phones to all kinds of causes. It’s been a couple of years, but I think I donated mine to battered women’s services. Google has lots to chose from.

  2. Neva says:

    On the subject of cell phones, do you know about Working Assets?
    This brilliant company allow you to have some of your bills for cell phone services, etc. go as donations to your choice of non-profits. I’ve decided as soon as our current cell phone contract is done this what we’ll do.

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