a little Greek philosophy

I’m in the middle of pulling together a presentation so my blogging (as well as my house cleaning, cooking and parenting) has fallen by the wayside. I happened upon this quote in the signature line of an organizer’s email the other day and I copied it down. Words to live by:

“. . . grant that I may become beautiful in my soul within,
and that all my external possessions may be in harmony with my inner self.”– Plato

I’m feeling pretty darn harmonious myself after tackling a major playroom cleanout this past week. Carter just built a totally sweet treehouse for our kids. They’re having so much fun in their new play space that their toys have been forgotten. So I took the liberty of getting rid of all the unloved and unused plastic and plush and happily dropped it off at the PTA Thrift Shop this morning. Ahhhh, organizational bliss!

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