Mama needs a yard upgrade (and a body makeover, to boot)!

Our whole family has been eating pure crap lately. We spent a week at the beach and I kid you not, I gained 7 pounds in 7 days. Chips, beer, cookies, ice cream, more beer, cheese, hot dogs, oh, and more beer. Now we’re back home and the trend has continued. It was 99 degrees today in Chapel Hill. You’d think I wanted nothing more than a crisp, cold salad and some ice water. Think again. Ice cream and cold beer is on my list of must-eat/drink items on these lazy, hazy days. Someone please drag my ever growing ass to Weight Watchers quick!

It would be different if I were only damaging my own body. But my kids have been mainlining high fructose corn syrup thanks to busy camp and school schedules, a lazy mom, and their own unhealthy beach diet of Icee-Pops morning, noon and night. Don’t ask me what possessed me as I was filling the grocery cart with CapriSun, ‘Smore flavored granola bars and Fudgesicles the other day. Landfill-bound packaging be damned…I was all about the convenience (or maybe I’ve just been huffing too many minivan fumes).

Just when I needed it most, I received an email from New American Dream challenging me to buy 1 pound of locally grown food a week for the next month (think fresh squash, southern peaches and mouth watering tomatoes rather than Oscar Meyer and Yuengling). It’s part of their C3 (Carbon Conscious Consumer) program. I’ve blogged about local food before, and I realize that ‘going local’ is a small step that can lead to big change environmentally. According to New American Dream, food in the U.S. typically travels 1500 miles and the transportation of conventional food generates five to 17 times more carbon emissions than food grown locally. So, I’m taking them up on their pledge, and asking you to do the same. As an added bonus (for me!), if you do sign the pledge because I told you so, I could possibly win a $6000 eco-friendly yard makeover. In addition to needing to lose a few lbs, mama could use a yard makeover as well!

What yummy things are you eating this summer? Surely you’re doing better than me!

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