Does the camera really add 10 lbs…

…or was that just my summer diet making me look chunky on TV? I got an unexpected call from the “Time Makeover” folks and shot another episode last week. Naturally, I had to have new clothes again (can’t be seen wearing the same thing twice, heaven forbid). And since I’ve put on a few LBS this summer, I had to go for the comfort of an elastic waistband. I found these fun linen full-leg pants and was feeling really hot until my six year old daughter said my outfit was embarrassing and that I looked like an old lady wearing a skirt. Note to self: must start teaching that child some manners!

For all of you who have asked, “Time Makeover” will now debut on November 17th and will air Saturday and Sunday nights at 8pm on the Fine Living Network. I’m currently the “expert” (or “the talent” as I like to call myself around the house) in 3 episodes. Set your Tivo!

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