Living with Less

Dick Gordon interviews Chris McNaught on The Story today. Chris made the decision to rid himself of unnecessary items in his home and live with just 500 things. We’ve definitely simplified, and I continue to get rid of all that we don’t need, use or love. But I’m sure I’d be amazed at how much we still have. I’m guessing we possess a good 4-5000 things around our house. Don’t look for me to put together any Kersh family inventories anytime soon!

I was disappointed to hear that hotty-host Dick Gordon prefers to keep his messy work space just the way it is. Apparently, another organizer beat me to the punch, and repeatedly offered to help declutter his desk (was that you, Geralin?), but he refused. I guess I’ll just have to settle for hearing his voice on the radio and occasionally seeing his face online.

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4 Responses to Living with Less

  1. Anton Zuiker says:

    I’m with Gordon on this one, because Gladwell says that a messy desk is the sign of an active mind: But that darn cabinet in the kitchen that is spilling over with plastic containers and lids, that definitely has to be decluttered.

  2. metrozing says:

    Thanks for asking Perri but it was not me offering to declutter Dick Gordon’s desk!

    I too listened to the show and thought it amazing that Chris McNaught lives with 500 things (albeit his golf clubs, tees, bag, etc. is counted as “one thing.”

    Distracting thought: wouldn’t it would be good, clean fun if Dick and other WUNC hosts posted photos of their desks and had listeners guess the owner(s)?

    Remember: No matter what, no one’s desk could be worse than Al Gore’s desk, right?

  3. Chris McNaught says:

    Sometimes I’m amazed that other people, regular people (not my family or friends) listened to my story. I had no idea that people might find the things I do interesting.

    Thanks for the mention.


  4. perr1ker5h says:

    Hi Chris,
    Sometimes I’m amazed that other people, regular people (not my family or friends) read my blog! Your story was very interesting–plus, I love Dick Gordon and will listen to just about anything he has to say. I’m crossing my fingers for a simplification movement. I love the idea of living with less and recommend it to my clients every day. I do it for environmental reasons… but also because I’m a little lazy, and don’t enjoy cleaning up that much, and find that I’m less stressed with less stuff. Keep it up!

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