Making room for more…

As we get ready for the big holiday onslaught of new and shiney things (yes, I talk a big game about mommy dissing Santa Clause, but alas, my kids are getting some cool stuff!), I slip into major purge mode. I’ve been Freecycling up a storm and have moved a few items on Craigslist. I am finally at a point where I’m ready to part with our baby crib. I KNOW we’re complete as a family of four now and the crib is taking up half of my son’s closet. So far it isn’t moving on Craigslist, so I’m prepared to donate it to a needy family in town.

Then, just today, I came across this cool new online resource for exchanging gently used baby/kid items called Zwaggle. I haven’t signed up yet and I’m not even certain if it’s available in North Carolina, but the concept is cool. Basically, you earn points by trading items with other community members. Have something you’re ready to part with, but also something you need? Earn points by sharing your item and “purchase” the needed item with your points. It also sounds like a great community for sharing information about parenting. Plus, I love that it stretches out the life of baby gear and toys–which, let’s face it, often look brand new after a year of use!

Not sure if my baby crib is Zwaggle bound or not, but I thought it was worth checking out and passing along to you!

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