Cruisin’ into the end of the year…

‘Tis the season for hustle and bustle, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw your organizational dreams right out with the used gift wrap. Here are 10 things you can do in 5 minutes or less to keep you organized all the way into the new year!

1. Place a yummy smelling sachet in your linen closet so when your guests arrive, even their sheets and towels smell like the holidays. While you’re in there, gather linens that have seen better days and set them aside to donate to your local animal shelter.

2. Email 5 friends whose mailing address you can’t seem to find so you can get around to sending their holiday cards before 2008 comes a callin’!

3. Clean out one file in your file drawer. Tax time will be here before you know it (moan, groan), but you can jumpstart your tax prep by clearing out one file folder a week and shredding unnecessary documents, bills or statements.

4. Call and cancel 3 unwanted catalog subscriptions (or better yet, check out my Freakie-Freebie this month in my newsletter and rid yourself of all pesky, unwanted catalogs for good!).

5. Clear out your “junk” drawer. Yes, even I have one! Take a few minutes to toss expired coupons, unnecessary receipts, and torn up take-out menus. And then quickly return random tchatchkies to their proper home.

6. Pull out your recipe box and toss recipes you haven’t cooked in years (or those your know your family would never eat even if you cooked it). If you come across a long lost favorite cookie recipe, vow to make them this Christmas.

7. Download the pictures from your digital camera (and delete all pictures where you don’t look fabulous) so you’re ready to snap new shots at upcoming events.

8. While decking the halls, assess those ornaments that never quite make it on the tree. If you haven’t used them in years, it’s probably time to part with them and let them spread some holiday cheer elsewhere.

9. Walk around with a basket and gather up all random shoes, hats, gloves, toys, books, newspapers, etc. that have been scattered around your house. This isn’t meant to be a deep cleaning—just a quick five minute decluttering. Have your kids return each item to its rightful spot and remind them that Santa is watching!

10. While you’re putting on your spiffiest holiday attire, take a quick tour of your closet and toss anything that you don’t wear, love and feel fantastic in into your donation bag. After Christmas, make a trip to your favorite clothing donation spot so you can take advantage of the tax write-off for 2007!

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