Is Neat-freakiness next to Godliness? posted an article today about this very topic, and yours truly is quoted. I air all of my dirty laundry (yes, I was voted “neatest” in the 1988 graduating class of Asheboro High School, and yes, I did carry around an “imaginary friend” named Wrinkles when I was 4–it was a tie sorter). Like all things (food, alcohol, money, sex), one can argue that moderation is best. I couldn’t agree more when it comes to organization and clutter.

Prior to having children, I was a bit over the top. I once pulled out the vacuum cleaner 20 seconds after Christmas presents were opened, because my wonderful, dear, amazing Father-in-Law had decorated all of his gifts to us with glitter, and I just couldn’t stand seeing all of that sparkly stuff all over my recently mopped wood floors. Looking back, I know I was a bit of a freak. Now that I have children, I’m not about to spend every day following my children around with a rag and a bucket of soapy water. Our house is very much lived in, and as I’ve admitted before, I only clean up our playroom once a week. It’s a playroom, afterall!

If you find yourself at one end of the spectrum or the other (total slob with clutter out the ying-yang, or obsessive neatener who can’t stand a pillow to be out of place), get some help. Live a little. Ask yourself how you want things to be different, and do whatever it takes to make that your reality.

Check out the article and let me know what you think. Do I make myself out to be less “neat” and more “freak?”

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