Kermit said it well…

It’s not easy being green. We’re about to embark on our first “big” remodeling project–our master bathroom. I put “big” in quotes because our master bath is only 45 sq. feet. But it’s big to us, because apparently it costs roughly $650 per square foot to remodel such a bathroom, and we’ve never ripped an entire room down to the studs and started from scratch before.

My fantasy was (prior to experiencing sticker shock) to do a totally green bathroom with recycled glass tiles, cork flooring, a great eco-friendly vanity made with sustainably harvested wood and recycled countertop, zero VOC paint on the walls and a dual flush toilet that uses a little water when you go #1, and a little more when you go #2. Also, we were going to Freecycle all of the materials that we took out of the old bathroom.

Well, first the economy tanked, so undertaking this big renovation all of a sudden seemed really silly. But, just so you won’t think I’m completely foolish with my money, I’ll post a few pictures of just how ugly vinyl was in 1979 and a porcelain sink that is so old it has started to rust (how does that even happen?). Then maybe you’ll understand why I’m still going down this path, but with some alterations to “Plan Green.”

So tomorrow I meet with contractor number one of two being considered to rehash the price and the products we’re using. I found a cool yet not so eco-friendly vanity online, ditched the glass tile and cork all together, but I’m keeping the dual flush toilet and zero VOC paint. Plus, adding a big mama skylight so we can use more natural light. And we’re now planning to demo the room ourselves and will Freecycle whatever isn’t smashed to pieces.

Have you tackled an eco-friendly home renovation project? Carter Oosterhouse makes it look so easy (and sexy). At this point, we’re just aiming for a watered down shade of green.

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4 Responses to Kermit said it well…

  1. edens says:

    Good luck with the changes. Sorry to miss you Friday.
    I think I told you that we had that same flooring in the house I grew up in. It brings back so many memories just to see it on the screen!

  2. uohaa says: was here!
    Thanks for the good and hard working blog!
    I looking forward to see more posting fron you!

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  4. Bert says:

    Here is an idea for you to reduce the clutter on the counter top. This will make it so that you can get the curling irons and Blow Drier off the counter top. this way you can use the space that you already have.

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