Two years ago on “Enough is Enough”

I was re-reading some old blog posts the other day and realized that it was exactly two years ago that we entertained the thought of not buying stuff. The original experiment lasted only six months, so it’s been a while since we seriously considered simplification and living with less– but I still think about our “stuff” a lot. In fact, just tonight I was doing my weekly playroom cleanout and realized that “Littlest Pet Shop” seems to be taking up a lot more real estate than I realized, and my son’s train table is primarily a place where we dump toys when when we need to vacuum. I haven’t actually seen him play on it in months. Despite my regular purge-fests and trips to the PTA thrift shop, we still have too much.

As I was re-reading I also noted that we’re finally realizing some long overdue dreams, such as re-doing our master bath. I wrote about it in July of 2006, and in August of 2008, we will finally rid ourselves of our 1970’s, ugly ass bathroom. Nevermind the expense, the dust and the inconvenience, the time has definitely come for us to have a decent place to bathe.

Over the course of the past two years, much has changed around us. The environment is now a daily issue in the media and with a tanking economy, housing slump and ridiculous (or maybe not so ridiculous?) gas prices, many people are jumpin’ on the simplificaiton bandwagon. I just came across this Time article yesterday, offering some great organizational 101 lessons for those wanting to live with less. They even reference the 100 Thing Challenge which I blogged about in 2006. If there truly is a simplification movement a brewin’, I say bring it on (and not just for my own personal gain as an organizer!). I think when times are tough, it’s the ideal time to step back and evaluate what really matters. And if dusting off your tchatchkes is more important to you than spending time with the people you love, then maybe it’s time to consider your own simplification journey.

The Kersh family has no immediate plans to go consumer free again anytime soon (I blame it all on the bathroom renovation!). But perhaps 2009 will bring about renewed energy to step off the consumer train for a while and see where we end up.

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