Yes we can, indeed….

I know this blog isn’t about the price of oil, but it is about consuming less and living with what we have and need. I’ve recently been in several debates with individuals (no names mentioned!) about the idea of drilling for oil off the shore of the US, and just came across this story on the Daily Kos today that should end the argument with an exclamation point. Check it out here.

If you don’t have time to read the entire thing, at least enjoy this quote from an imagined speech:

“…An American Dream longing for moderation and equanimity? A future of living within our means and in tune with the earth? The cynics tell us we are shrink-mongers, ready to retreat to our 1-bedroom apartments and vegetable gardens. They say we’re too weak to kick the oil habit and that we can’t live without having a plastic bag for every little knick knack we buy. But you know what you and I will tell them?

Yes we can
strive to have fewer possessions than our parents.

Yes we can
be average on the world-wide consumption index.

Yes we can
find patriotism in grace and humility.

Yes we can
take pride in driving the smallest cars, live in the smallest houses,
and eat even smaller portions than the French.

Yes we can
aspire to spend more time listening to each other.

Yes we can
get things done by foot, bicycle and skateboard.

Yes we can
be the world’s fastest learners on how to slow down.

Yes we can
be the world’s largest producer of solar, wind, geothermal, and
hydrogen energy.

Yes we can
kick serious ass and sweep all the gold medals in diplomacy,
tolerance, and kindness.

Yes we can
be the best at stopping to talk to our neighbors, breathe the air, and
watch the seasons change.

Yes we can
turn the fear of not having enough into appreciation for what we have
(and distribute our abundance to those who really need it).

Yes we can
become the world’s most intelligent capitalists by factoring
externalities such as pollution, soil depletion or sweatshop labor
into the cost of doing business.

Yes we can
rise to the idea that we’re not as important as we think we are.

Yes we can
waste less plastic packaging, paper cups, and electronic gadgets.

Yes we can
waste more time with art, music, poetry, hiking, and other
unproductive activities that yield no consumer satisfaction other than
inspiration, joy, and mindfulness.

Yes we can
be heroes of moderation in a world of shrinking resources.

Yes we can
consume Less, We Can! Less, We Can! Less, We Can!”


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