Batteries begone…and other fall tips

I’ve really gotten out of my writing rhythm on the blog. All of my creative energy was going into our bathroom renovation, work, kids stuff, and planning for the Giving Party 2008. But I feel my mojo returning and thought I’d post a few fall tips for those seeking to create some calm in their crazy lives.

A season change is always a good excuse for a little around the house spruce up. Here are a few of my favorite fall tips:
**Have a “fending” week. Skip the regular trip to the grocery store and let everyone fend for themselves. Dig deep into the pantry and get creative with your cooking. This allows you to clear out those canned veggies, soups and fruits that have been sitting there for a while (obviously, check expiration dates before diggin’ in!), and get a fresh start.

**Holiday catalogs will be filling your mailbox before the last mini-Snickers from Halloween is consumed. As your kids start making their list and checking it twice, use this as an opportunity to clear out toys they no longer play with.

**Give your gift wrap collection a good once over. Before you stock up for the year, clear out gift wrap, gift bags, and ribbons that have seen better days. You can always repurpose ribbons by tying them around sets of sheets or napkins to keep like with like.

**Fall is a great time to test the batteries in your smoke detectors and flashlights. Remember, expired batteries shouldn’t go in the trash! Contact your local solid waste department or visit to find a recycling location near you (I just found out my local RadioShack will take my batteries…awesome!).

Happy Fall!

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