Bye-Bye Phone Book Clutter!

When was the last time you used a phone book? Do you really use it more than a few times a year? And isn’t the internet an easier place to search for what you need? Well, hallelujah…finally there is a service that lets you opt out of receiving giant, paper wasting, clutter making phone books! Visit here to sign up…


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2 Responses to Bye-Bye Phone Book Clutter!

  1. Liz Friedman says:

    Thanks for the link Perri – two clicks, so easy and hopefully I’ll be phone book free. My hopes aren’t too high since our phone books out here in Seattle are just delivered to mailboxes, doorsteps or any other non-personalized means, but I’m willing to try!

  2. perr1ker5h says:

    My expectations aren’t too high either…but somehow I felt more powerful just opting out. We’ll see if they continue to toss 2-3 phone books each year somewhere in the vicinity of my mailbox.

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